Thursday, October 12, 2006

I've finally been able to find time to put a slideshow together from this past Sunday's (10.08.2006) wedding in San Diego.

Here's the slideshow from the wedding.

I had the great opportunity to shoot along side of David Jay and to see first hand how he works. All I have to say is, he is a very good wedding photographer. David is very gracious and helpful and I learned alot watching him work. THANK YOU DJ!! You are the man!!

After the beach shoot with KC & Jon there was a little situation where one of the groomsmen dropped his phone over the railing and was unable to reach it due to the unsteady terrain.

So, after DJ saw the phone in distress, he figured he would save the day by hopping over the railing to reach the stranded phone.

As DJ was heroically reaching for the phone, I was unfortunate enough to see this sight.. YIKES!! That's GROSS!! seriously, who wears Primal underwear.. :) (anyway, there you go ladies, that picture is for you!!)

I also met Amber (who is a friend of the bride and groom), and is also a wedding photog. She was great and very nice! I look forward to you in the future!

Here's Amber talking photo-geek with DJ.

The bride and groom (KC & Jonathan) are very cute! They had a wonderful and very energetic wedding.

From the the boat ride, where the groomsmen arrived at the wedding in a 40ft sail boat (I was lucky enough to join them.. Yippee..) luckily I didn't get sick, cause I didn't have my dramamine (that could have been bad)..

Then the groom, skateboarding into the ceremony, that was cool!! The beautiful ceremony! I loved the surf boards!

And my favorite part of the reception, was the swing dancing!! I loved it! the bride and groom and some of their friends from their swing dancing group performed some amazing dancing! I even wanted to join in, but unfortunately I would have looked the fool! But it does encourage me to take some swing dance lessons.

Again, Thank You DJ for letting me shoot along side of you! I look forward to other oportunities.. One of the most energetic weddings i've been to..


Jasmine said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the comment on my blog...and I'll most definitely keep you in mind for second shooting in the future...however, if you take a picture of my underwear, you'll die! :)

SamTheMan said...

Great pics my man, looks like you guys had a blast.

And Jasmine, that's funny!